When a feminist writes to a feminazi.


Dearest pseudo-doppelganger,
Well! I would have started by out-rightly calling you a feminazi but let me built it up for you. So here’s the thing listen, if you want to have any kind of reservations in the name of gender, use your femininity to rise up the ladder, never wish to split bills, always want the guy to pull the chair out for you then, you are definitely not what I am. In letter, maybe but in spirit, never. You’ve demeaned the struggle that I started years ago, after going through a lot of pain and tribulations. You’ve insulted the idea of equal opportunities that I propagate to strike a balance in this world. You’ve started to use the term ‘Feminism’ to vent out your frustration every time you fail to achieve anything and blame it all on the men. You’ve taken this out as an easy way to blame the men folk for each and everything that happens with and to you. Because of your reckless behaviour, the world has grown to think of feminists as angry, annoyed and frustrated women who despise men. Hence, it is high time you stop.

This might be the spirit of Feminazism, it isn’t of Feminism for sure. Hence, kindly take it as a stern warning that you stand aware and for once, stop vandalizing under the garb of the progressive spirit of Feminism. The people who started the movement were not lunatics who would go around abusing and dissing men to uplift women because they had the sanity to realize that it doesn’t work like that. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. But, I guess you fail to recognize and appreciate this basic fact. There is a difference between affirmative action (to uplift a section of the society) and discrimination.

The affirmative action requires to promote education and improve health services so that women can have an access to better opportunities but the idea of reservation in jobs or politics can be equated to an idea where you beg for representation on the basis of your gender because you have no other ground to. I do realize that women are not considered at par with men in a lot of spheres but that doesn’t mean you remove all the men and that would result in women being empowered. Women can earn out of merit, don’t make them earn out of just being a woman.

The solution lies in the fact that the focus should be on empowering women in all the right ways. They should be empowered and educated to make informed choices so that they can take their own decisions. It includes inculcating free spirit and thinking among women so that they can weigh the pros and cons of a situation. It also includes educating women or teaching them skills so that they can financially support themselves. The focus should be challenge on the basis of substance and not just a gender orientation. Teach them to raise a voice against anything that’s wrong not because a man or woman does it, but because it is wrong. People fear being tagged as a feminist and avoid associating with the ideology because of the stereotype your idiotic actions have created.

My dearest feminazi, you probably don’t know that women themselves butcher the dreams and aspirations of many other women. Honour, prestige, customs, traditions, veil (ghungat/parda) are forced upon women by women themselves. This needs to change. More than men, they bind themselves to the shackles of the society that lingers to be patriarchal. Now, as a feminist I don’t want the society to be matriarchal because that will just be tilting of balance towards the opposite end. This will then result into men raising their voice for equality (which I certainly don’t want).

I want parity to exist between the both sexes where each sane voice is heard bereft of the gender-speific tag that it carries.You do realise that men can be feminists too. In fact, I’ve seen men who are feminists in both letter and spirit. The problem with your kind of pseudo-feminists is that because of you, I have to not just call myself a feminist but a true feminist. Now, what is this drama all about? A feminist is a feminist. Period!

Now another thing, you don’t always have to shriek, shout, be angry, call out names or hurl abuses at the other person to prove that you are right. Remember that empty vessels sometimes make the most noise. The simple idea is that if you will be loud enough and not angry but make sense, rest assured that the world shall listen. It is justified and needed to be angry, frustrated at many ventures but don’t make your anger that casual that it starts to become associated with your main identity. Feminists are not angry vaginas wanting men to be slaughtered off Earth. Kindly spare us from being tagged like this. Don’t try to become the sole mover and shaker here, we all need to move in unison and only then shall the voice be loud and clear.

Hey, by the way do you know that a lot of women use the laws to extort money out of men? Also, a lot of women rape men and torture husbands at their homes scaring them of filing a suite if they ever utter a noise? If you don’t then, kindly google the cases and you would. Now, I don’t say that all the women are wrong but definitely all of them are not right either. On top of that, your reckless, angry noises help such women to muster more strength and rip the true sense of feminism apart into shreds. You really don’t how horrible it feels to someone who genuinely wants to see women soar and materialise their full potential.

Hence, it is a humble request for you to mend your ways because before fighting anyone else, if I’ve got to fight you, it will be a horrific idea for Feminism. Stay away, mend your ways, it is a firm, stern but a healthy warning to you.


Yours sincerely,
A feminist and a well-wisher!



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