The Guy Who Loved

Dark Guy Street Light Man People Cold Night


A guy I met who told me his story
Where his achievements were his family glory
He was brought up with a silver spoon
But some things made him a loon
He was always kind and passionate towards his goal
But his heart has a huge hole
Not the medical complication one
But which feelings had spun
He had been a giver for more than 20 years his life
But his heart was always stabbed with knife
He decided more than hundred times
That being selfish now should be his prime
But how could he change himself
In someone he ain’t
So that idea was now off the shelf
And thinking for a solution every minute
The heart that once loved too much
Is now finding ways to escape it as such
Like it’s something he accepted as his fate
That he won’t be able to state
His feelings now started coming in the way
His passion, his dreams were now at bay
Never ever he thought he will be a victim
When the power of being loved tricked him
For once he crave for someone he can call his
The one who’ll prove to be a bliss
He was tired of giving all of himself to people out there
And now, the love inside him was so rare
The boy who write poems, for once
Wanted to be in poetry for someone
This diminishing ability to love without expectations
Was causing him a major happiness extinction
He was now getting better at loneliness
One of the worst fear he possess
Too much messages now irritated him
He stayed all by himself in whims
The one in a million guy
Now became one of a billion guy
But maybe, he hope someday
He’ll change again himself in some way
To become one in a million again
To be able to love without any expectations or gain



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