The filth beneath the glamour : A cynic’s take on the Oscars

a mere filth show now?

The Oscars. Some years ago, if somebody had asked me what the Oscar Awards ceremony was, I’d have ostensibly replied, “Why, an awards ceremony of course, presenting awards for exemplary acting, direction, costumes, and so forth”. Ask me the same question now, and I’m not sure what I’d say. The previous statement still holds true, and yet it’s been… Infected, somehow. The sweetness, the smiles, the glamour of the red carpet; all of it has been replaced by the sickly sweet smell of decay.

I still enjoy movies, make no mistake. And I believe that actors and actresses who put up a particularly exceptional show, should be awarded. But that’s it. Apart from the fact that they are better than the rest of us at pretending to be someone they’re not; they are regular human beings, with similar faults and shortcomings. And yet, in our infinite stupidity, we somehow see them as better than us. We’ve elevated them to near godlike status, and made them the so called Hollywood elite. And in doing so; we have given them power over us, over our lives.

This is easily observable in the current political climate. As we’ve seen repeatedly in the past few years, celebrities have made it succinctly clear that they have opinions. And that’s well and good; the problem arises when they themselves (and the people who listen to them) start believing that their opinions have more weight than any other “regular” individual’s.

What irks me even further, is their absolute disinterest in at least attempting to maintain neutrality. If you know that people look up to you, and that there are some who would blindly parrot whatever it is that you say, don’t you have a duty to your audience to be; if not educational, at least responsible?

Hollywood as it is today, is a billion dollar liberal propaganda machine, being outrightly derisive to anyone who might not share their version of extreme left wing statism. The Oscars was an excellent example of that, in fact. And let’s be honest here, the only reason Jimmy Kimmel still has a job, is because he can; at a moment’s notice, call forth every liberal propaganda argument under the sun. The man was never funny, and in recent years he has become a superficial puppet. Just as an example of the patented Hollywood hypocrisy, Kimmel hosted a show called “The Man Show”, in which he would walk around with a camera crew and try to verbally coerce and/or otherwise pressure random women to touch his crotch (among other things). In recent years, he has apparently become a “voice of women’s rights”.

That brings me to another important point : The blatant condescension that Hollywood is always, without fail, ready to shove down our throats. Only Hollywood can have the absolute lack of shame, to lecture us about sex crimes and sexual exploitation, and how “time’s up”; while being in the middle of the biggest Paedophilia scam of the 21st century. Hell, many of the people who’re wearing the “Time’s Up” badges are themselves persons of interest in the Weinstein scandal, or have known about the paedophilia and stayed silent about it.

Filthy harvey

Only they can lecture us about reducing our carbon footprint, while they travel in private jets. Only they can push “Gun free zones” and support the attempts to disarm an entire populous; while displaying gratuitous amounts of violence in films, and always being under the protection of people carrying firearms. Then there’s the One hundred and thirty eight thousand dollar gift bag, that each and every nominee received. The list goes on.

I suppose to sum up, all I can say is; it’s ultimately our fault. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that the people control the celebrity, not the other way round. We decided to deify people who pretended to be someone else for our amusement, and therein lies our ultimate folly. No humans deserves to be elevated to Godlike standards, because doing so gives them undue power over the rest of us. We’re all scum in the same pond, really. Some of us may float higher than others, but that doesn’t change our inherent flaws.


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