The Beauty In India


A few days back i came across an article which talked about the Indian substitutes for expensive foreign destinations. It was an insightful article, with various exotic destinations with captivating photos, breathtaking exquisite landscapes to look at, and with reasonable and affordable prices,  but the thought that struck my mind was why do we need to compare? I wonder why we need to look at the Indian destinations as a substitute for the foreign destinations. Is it just because it’s expensive to go abroad and majority can’t afford it?? We have created a stereotype that people who go abroad for a vacation are actually living their life with vigour and to its fullest and the ones enjoying a vacation at a destination in India are not as lucky as the other people who went abroad!People all over the globe praise the Indian beauty,  the Indian culture and we ourselves take it for granted. I once had a chance to conversate with a group of foreigners who were travelling across India to know their point of view about India and what they told me was that they had saved their money for a long time to make their dream of visiting India come true! That day I came to realise that just like our opinions about Canada, London, Dubai, Switzerland etc, the people from those countries view India as an erotic holiday destination as well. Places like Kashmir and Sikkim are often said to be Switzerland of India for their scenic beauty and beautiful places.

Ironically everyone thinks that the farther the place is, the better it is, and this can’t be helped as this is human nature to want what you can’t easily have. The difficult part is to go to a place, that we think of as an ideal holiday destination. Another irony is that we wish and hope to not be like everybody but we all end up doing the same anyway. Let’s try not to be one of the crowd . Let’s value our homeland, our own exotic destinations, and explore our own country! Travelling to a new place is not just about long distance travels, or inter city, or inter country travels, you never know what you can find just ten kilometres outside of your regular way! India has numerous hidden gems which are yet to be explored, a different panorama at every different place we look! Lets not be mesmerised by just the foreign lands, lets explore our own four regions, i.e. North, South, East, West, each of which place is completely different from each other and special in their own way yet the same at heart and essence.

The beauty of India goes as deep as the Indian ocean, as high as the Mt Everest and as wide as the Thar desert, all we need to do is travel across our country more, explore more, value more, and cherish our country more, because the more we’ll travel, the more we’ll fall in love with it, the more we’ll be awestruck by it, the more we will appreciate our flora and fauna and the more we’ll tell everyone about ‘The Beauty In India’.


  1. It is so beautiful to learn something more about our nation and today most people just dream about vacation at foreign places.
    Lovely and encouraging article.


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