Thank You Letter ❤


Hello stupid

Or should I say my anti love butterfly.

I don’t know if you’ll like this or not but I’m stubborn so I’ll do it anyway. Writing to and for you has always been a good experience for me but now I don’t know why it kind of scares me, that maybe, you’ll find it irritating or that I am still clingy (trust me, I’m not).

I know you don’t like to hear it at all but you know I can’t help what I feel. Plus, I can only express myself to you (you know that already). I love you, I seriously do. You have always been there for me like a shadow. I know you’ll say shadow leaves in darkness but we differ here, for me shadow never leaves in darkness but hides itself so that you can fight demons on your own with the hidden support.

This is my confession for you: Last time when things were rough between us, after that I was shattered, you know that. And I just wanted someone to listen (you know it’s always been you who listens to me, but this time you weren’t). So, I told a friend about everything that happened between us and she advised me to leave you and stop trying. Infact I knew anybody who listens to our difference will advice me same. But I knew I can’t stop trying, I wanted you with me. I didn’t say forever out of habit or just for the sake of saying. So I followed my heart. And see we’re standing here, together.

I know anything I write is useless as you already know everything. But still to be clear from my part. You seriously changed me. The way I used to talk, think, do, everything. I now trust selected people rather than anybody who comes my way, which really helped me from getting my heart broken every now and then. You made me comfortable with calls, and I really love listening to you for hours. I can now put sarcasm in my talks, that’s really a bonus. You changed me, but, not in a bad way, and made me a better human than I was before I met you.

This made me progress in life. I know you won’t accept this, but yes, you made me write poems. You inspired me. Because of you, I write every piece better than the previous. You’re my best editor, proof reader and critic.

Whatever I am today. You are a big reason behind it. I owe you my success. And I thank you for everything you did for me. I won’t ever give up on us. And I’ll prove people do stay.

You definitely qualify to be a lioness, fierce, loyal, dedicated and a Leo woman too so that sums you up as my Sherni (lioness). I would love to develop these traits in me. And I’m willing to work for any differences or misunderstandings coming our way.

PS: I already got what I wished from you. Your “I love you too”.

Your forever best friend


  1. Is this pinch dedication or imagination?
    Nonetheless, a foreseer hides intentions, so, let’s say I am a secret admirer.
    Love the article!

    • This letter isn’t fictional at all. This I wrote for my best friend because she truly defines the “BEST” in best friend.
      And thank you secret admirer.


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