Summer 2018 Fashion Trends


The 2018 summer spring is about the trending collection so prepare yourself to up your game so that you are not left behind. From pastel colours to romantic floral you’ll find it all. This spring explore a collection with pizzazz. So here are the top 5 wearable fashion trends to go with for 2018.

1. Lavenders

It’s the colour of 2018, out there on runways, fashion blogs, magazines and Instagram. It’s booming all over. You can incorporate it in dresses, shirts and surprisingly even shoes. It gives you an edge at the same time you can donn this purple hue with suits and whimsical formal wear.

2. Plaid or checkered prints

Plaid or checkered prints have been in trend from quite sometime and has definitely made it’s way into 2018. It screams wearable, chic and classic. You can grab shirts or blazers with checkered prints and wear it with anything that is formal or anything that is casual. Especially oversized boyfriend coats which never go out of style.

3. Romantic Floral

Florals may seem to be trending almost every year but on runways this year you can see a lot of romantic, pretty soft florals. You can wear florals in different ways either by sizing up a sweatshirt or in the form of summer dresses for your casual brunches. Either way florals are an anytime wear.

4. Square Necklines

This season up your panache with this dainty square neckline which may remind one of the Renaissance time. But this has been showcased at Carolina Herrara, Christian Dior and Rodarte’s first collection shown in Paris. I suggest trying these with cocktail dresses and cotton tops or any style that falls in between.

5. Fringes

Be on the fringe this season. Fringes have made its way this summer spring and we have it in a lot of forms. You can donn these in various ways with jackets, denims and shirts. Also,you can incorporate the fringe look with the boots.They would look really classy with nude shades or neutral colours and can also be paired with floral sun dresses.

So what are you waiting for go grab yourselves some of these glamorous styles and glam up your look.


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