In this generation,there has been less shows on Indian television where a quality work series is described by the eyes of the director.However,there are shows happening also where the whole series touches a personal chord of relatability in our hearts.
One such show on television was Stories of Rabindranath Tagore by Anurag Basu telecasted on Epic channel.This certain television series comprises of finite episodes where Tagore’s different stories are narrated by Anurag Basu and his associates.

Today,I am going to discuss about the first story of the series,that is,Chokher Bali.
Chokher Bali is explained in the series in a very detailed,creative manner and this story can be classified as a beautiful telefilm in other words.It is the first story of the series and Anurag Basu has taken a wise decision in making this story as the first story of the series because,the different layers of storytelling process depicted from the first story itself will make the viewer eager to crave to watch the other stories more.

Chokher Bali is a novel written by Rabindranath Tagore that depicts the life of the widowed woman, Binodini and her relationships with three individuals – Bihari Babu,Ashalata,Mahendra.In a logical context,the content of this series is different from the real storyline of the original novel but still,it has been discovered that Rabindranath Tagore stated in an interview that,he would have liked to give a different ending to the original storyline of Chokher Bali.If anyone ever read the novel,it would be seen that the novel’s storyline is dark,heart wrenching and something that is full of matured emotions. However,the beautiful aspect of the storyline of the series is that,it tells a different positive storytelling and makes the every character less grave and more flawed human beings.

‘Chokher Bali’ symbolises the general term in Bengali which describes the state when a person cannot see another for some specific reason.In context of the story of the series,Binodini is the one who shares that kind of relationship with Ashalata,
her best friend and enemy.In other ways,Binodini indirectly shares that same kind of relationship with Mahendra more.To know the reason for which Binodini shares that kind of feelings with them,it is vital to watch the series determinedly.
In the series,Binodini falls in love with Bihari Babu and the main lesson that the story gives at different times is that,love is not everything.It explores the play of fate in a sensible manner.

In this story,Radhika Apte is given the role of Binodini where Shashank Vyas,Tara Alisha Berry,Bhanu Uday is Bihari Babu,Ashalata,Mahendra respectively.
The biggest strength of the storytelling is it’s direction.Anurag Basu has explained this story in a simple and profound manner and he has tried to keep the touch of old Calcutta in a realistic sense.The customes designed by Anurag Basu’s mother actually describes the dressing style that everyone during that age would follow always.From Dhoti,Punjabi to the widowed saree,Benarasi saree – everything represents the background of old Calcutta.

The other factor that makes this series worthwhile
to watch is the music.Every song in the story is a Rabindra Sangeet that is played when it’s necessary to explain an emotion,the situation of the place,etc.
The interesting fact is,there is a real story that Anurag Basu’s wife,Taani recorded a song in a casual manner which led to be useful in the film.This song is added in the series during a turning point situation in the story.The general fact that the songs have been included here in a simple format for a specific reason adds vitality to the creative mind of the director.

In general,this storytelling shows a resemblence to the storytelling of the film ‘Chokher Bali’ by Rituparno Ghosh and possibly,Anurag Basu has confessed that his storytelling direction for this specific story is inspired by the storytelling of the film.

However,the reason for which everyone should watch this telefilm is that,the storyline of this rendition is authentic,new and hopeful.The ending is completed in a graceful manner and if Tagore watched this,he may have appreciated the end.
The book lovers who love Tagore’s stories should watch the every episode of the series,especially
the first story – Chokher Bali because,the first episode itself gives that indication that,the whole series would be going to be the lovely director’s medium of expressive storytelling.

It is the first review of the first story of this series specifically but still,it’s preferable for everyone to watch the whole series because,the worthwhile content,picturesque,lessons,music seen via the every episode of the series would show everyone that,good quality of work in respect to series exists in Indian television in this generation progressively.


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