Everyone agrees that Education could perhaps be the most important process that everyone has to undergo in order to be independent; self-sufficient or even to be standing on a cliff, all alone, screaming at life for not being as spick and span as others. Education is meant to make us all be aware about things and people around us.

But, is it really or rather, are they really bestowing upon us the right education which adheres to the word education? 

Yes, I refer to education as them, because it is run by a corsage of diabolical and unscrupulous people who are having a stroll in the park sitting in a lofty perch with a hefty pay check and seem to have bygone the meaning of education. Although, I do believe that there are some of them who are authentic and genuine, it’s fair to say, they’ve been drowned under with the political supremacy and by the voices of greed.

How many of us have written our exams by mugging up stuff and barely remembering it even after revising for 5-6 times. Heck, I’ve even come across people who mug up mathematics for god’s sake. You might have a laugh at this, but, on a humourless thought, that’s the kind of unpalatable state we are in! We’ve seen and read about top universities whose license have been cancelled for faking degrees and people thrown into prison for venturing into our hard-earned stash with their distasteful clutches in the name of education. But, is education only about degrees and the subjects they offer?

We believe that human morals and social etiquette come to us naturally through education or at least, that’s what our parents think. Isn’t that the very reason why we joined schools and colleges? Education is defined as

The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”.

Now, as the definition goes, we are made to believe that those instructions are to be followed and we follow it like a sheep to the slaughter. Education is meant to enlighten us, make us question, and increase our thirst for knowledge, not to constrict and bind our minds.

Mental health issues like anxiety or depression can affect student’s schoolwork, and can be identified with screenings by the MSU Counseling Center. The Center will be hosting free screening at different locations around campus on Thursday. Lauren Wood/The State News

Now, what alternative do you propose you might ask. Well, here it goes:

How many of the students know how to take bank loans for our education? How many of us know what taxes are and how to pay them or the GDP and GNP of our country? How many of us know the ways to invest and start businesses of our own? How many of us have an idea to survive at a deserted place in an unknown country when help is days away? How many of us know what are our rights and laws by heart.  NOT MANY! And the list is endless.

But, hell no! First you must learn the formula of (a+b) ² because, reciting the formula will float you back up when you’re 6 feet underwater gasping for breath.

They promise us that they provide high quality education by posting ads with photos of students in a classroom equipped with latest technologies in all sort of medium, and what does it do? It stuffs our mind to chime with them and that’s where our parents fall right into their trap. Look deep inside and you can actually see them smirking and gleaming for they have already laid their sickening hands on our money. And, what’s the point of all this grandiose if a student can’t tell “A” from “B”?

You see, I might be ranting a lot here, but shouldn’t these be the areas of our education that should at least be looked at if not introduce them as subjects? I’ll let you dwell on that.

An excellent example of what needs to be taught and in the right way lies with the Japanese(Yeah, they’re good in this as well).

In Japan, students don’t have exams until grade 4. The goal for the first three years of a student’s educational career is not to judge the child’s knowledge or learning, but to build good manners and develop their character.

So, instead of getting hammered by exams at that young age, they only have to take small quizzes from time to time. All the while, they are taught to respect other people and to be gentle with animals and nature. They also learn other important life qualities such as being generous, compassionate, and empathetic. Students are taught self-control, and justice. This might seem a large task for a person so young but the Japanese believe in starting early. School for young children is founded on the idea that their character needs to evolve before they begin a career of constant examinations. Now, how amazing is that? Should other countries inherit this process as well? Let us know in comments below.

As for the people in extortionate authority, come out of your dubious and slouchy shells, because It’s high time that we remold and transpose our education system.



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