“Your Past Doesn’t Rule You.”


“Past never discriminates, it haunts everyone equally.”

There’s no discrimination, no reservations, no rich and no poor, past is never biased. The agony is equal. No matter what’s your religion, your caste, the colour of skin you posses. The demon of past will posses you all, haunt and you destruct you.

But don’t you think, you give it the liberty to do whatever it wants to do with you. It’s upto you if you want to be a puppet of your past and make it rule your present and future, or take matters in your own hand, snatch the remote control of your life and live like you want it to, live like you desire, live you craved for your all life.

You must be thinking. ‘Easier said than done’. I second that.

But you’re not here for easy things, are you? No you’re not. You’re not, when you won the race for life, race of million sperms to get birth. Why? To suffer? No, to live. Now when you’re here remember, “when life gets tough, tough gets going.”

Everything will heal with time, mind my words EVERYTHING. You must be thinking that I am exaggerating it, but no believe me everything will be fine. You Just have to give yourself time, it takes time to heal a scratch, and here you’re all wounded, but they’ll heal too. It will take time to settle the numbness you’re dwelling in, and when it’ll settle, you’ll feel again, you’ll live again.

Again I know it would be difficult, but things are never easy, life is never easy, people go through worst but still they choose to keep going. Because they know they’ve been through shit, now they’ve to seek reward from it.

Life is like Mathematics never easy, hard to solve, and X will always bother you (pardon the lame metaphor and pun.)  You’ll go through everything – heartbreak, shattered dreams, future in oblivion, depression, unrequited love, lost job, failure etc. Everything will damage you enough to pull you down and trap you in abyss of misery. Yes, It hurts, it hurts alot, seeing your life slipping away from you, when every hope diminish, when your love is being embraced by someone else, when you see them happy and you are not the reason behind it anymore. Yes it breaks you.

But life is all about this, it will churn you. The temporary emotions will go away, and permanent emotions will acquire the place. Your life will settle down. You just have to fight your way out, you just have to tackle all the hurdles infront of you.

You’ll chase your dreams and get what you desire, a good future, a good job. Those seeking for love, will find the right person, but this time you’ll be conscious, as you’ve been hurt in past because you were impulsive in choosing the right person for yourself. It’s not bad to be insecure, insecurities comes along with pain.

But remember someday, somewhere, someone will touch your soul, like you’ve craved for, have faith in yourself, in world, in love. Somebody will embrace you soon..

“Life is not about looking for shelter in the storm, life is about dancing in the rain. Shrieking – I am the Storm…”

Just keep going. Believe me, you’re strong. You’re beautiful.


  1. This is really beautiful, inspirational and lively….keep writing such things which boost life like anything…which can throw away all the negativity and makes one believe in new rise each day❤❤

  2. You made me go numb with such a beautiful, wonderful, inspirational, etc, etc, post. It literally touched me vividly and its not something new ♥ Keep inking and shining ♥♥

  3. So well written!
    Great job my friend!
    This will help me to overcome my past too, thank u so much!! 👏👏❤👌👌❤

  4. This one is just amazing like your other works . You know what I everytime feel when I go through your writings that you’re among those few writers who write solely what they think their readers want to hear. Your writings are the truth one wants to read .I simply love your work no matter on what topic it is. I feel lucky that I found your page on Instagram 😻. Love you and your work. KEEP GOING MR. VED ❤️.

  5. As always beautiful inspiring awesome best wishes for Website and for book…. M egarly waiting for ur book n for ur shayari…. Beautiful soul beautiful person this blog perfectly discribed u…. All the best 😊😊😊😊😊😊waiting to read ur millions of amazing write up…. Every day ur write up is like medicine for beautiful sleep…… Thank u for daily inspirational thoughts which makes me live happy 😊😊

  6. Such beautiful portray of words.These words will make one really motivated.Be it in the times of happiness or sadness, your piece of work will always help me handle the situation.Amazing work Ved, keep writing and inspiring.

  7. This is totally empowering and lifting ❤ Loved it till the end. How positive and powerful it is ❤ Great job 🌸❤


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