Men are beautiful



Being just an opposite sex to women, we have considered them completely opposite to us. Since the spring of feminism, we women have got lots in us to speak on women power. Is there anyone who feels that feminism is not for a particular sex but for both men and women?
Why it is that we see women in paintings and portraits often? Why we read about beauty and love of women in poetries so often? Why those Chetan Bhagat novels have pictured women to be unapologetic and better looking sex? Why poets have said so much on beauty of women only? Why we women hold our pen to write about rape, periods, molestation, and things somewhere against men so often? Why we always portray ourselves with clean hands? How do we do it every time?
No doubt that some men are pathetic. But then so are some women. So basically some people are pathetic. Why to involve a particular sex? Letting a sex down won’t uplift another. Right?
Then why are we people judging everything as black or white?
Wasn’t Adam the one who pulled his chest for a woman? We say women are great because they bring lives. Did we forget that Adam brought Eve to this earth? (According to theory of Garden of Eden). We want to learn about world and galaxies so desperately but we make no efforts to learn what’s within us and our ‘opposite sex’.
Why do we hesitate to put men in a frame as an art in our creation? This is specially for artists. Do you read poetries like ‘That man in glass’?

I want to see men in paper and pictures as an art of women. I want his beauty to be described by an intelligent woman. I want ‘fair sex’ to be a little poetic towards ‘muscular sex’. I wish that someday some woman would make a man wonder about his own beauty of which he had no idea. And when ladies won’t expect ‘the gentlemen’ to do things for them first. I also wish that before seducing him, getting him down to you or making him breathless, you would be in awe of magic which lies somewhere in corners of his eyes. You’ll stare at him to understand more of that magic. There will perhaps be a second or two when you’ll think, “Fuck! I wish I was born as an artist so I could paint him naked”. And you will not want him anymore to just make beds. Or something which no longer require two bodies to overlap. But something more than that which perhaps no woman has even thought of in her wildest dreams. She might realise then how gorgeous men can be.

Can I expect my lovely lady to serve him, help him grow and make him happy? Love him but not like you are doing in order to be loved back. Take care of him without expecting more amount of it. Amount? Is there anything like amount for loving and caring? Huh. Have him without fear of losing yourself. Praise him without waiting for him to initiate first. Write songs and poetries for him. Make him feel special. Like Atticus makes you feels special in his poetries. It should hit you hard, like if he’s coming closer, your eyes start dropping off seeing his beauty. You’re mesmerised and unconscious without any sort of physical touch. It sounds baffling, right? But yet I expect you to seek men as a thing of beauty. Will you get up and go to him once to tell him “Hey, I find you beautiful”. Will you be behind camera to take his pictures? Will you hold your brush to paint him on paper? Will you write something beautiful for him? Will you compliment him if he wears red and pink? Will you hold him tight if he breaks down crying in your arms? Will you make him share his fears and agony? Will you make him understand that being emotional is just normal. Will you do things for him first? Will you?



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