KOLKATA : The City of Joy, IS IT?


In last few days two major incidents took place in Kolkata. One in the Dum Dum metro station and the other in a local bus.
The first incident that took place on 30th of April tells us how some middle aged men took the law in their hands to save the so called ‘Indian Culture’. But the other incident contradicts the same thing.

When in a metro a boy hugs the girl with her consent to save her from groping, some people insulted them by telling them to get a room or to go to a bar in park street. They told them that they were polluting the atmosphere.
But when the couple didn’t listen to them, they were forced out of the packed Metro Railway coach by fellow middle-aged commuters and thrashed at Dum Dum metro station for hugging inside the coach. The couple was dragged to the platform and the men started beating the boy. When the girl tried to save him, she was beaten up too. However, finally, youth and women rescued the couple and escorted them out of the station.

As soon as the report got published, youth took to the social media to criticise the act of the middle-aged men with some questioning about people’s morality and conscience when they do nothing when a woman is teased, groped or molested in full public glare in public transport throughout West Bengal.

A group of students held protests at Dum Dum station against the incident on Tuesday showcasing placards against moral policing.

                                   ( Youngsters protesting)

But in the same country and in the same city when a middle aged man masturbates in a local bus filled with passengers by staring at two women, nobody does anything. Why so?
Wasn’t he polluting the atmosphere rather than the couple did ! So why nobody did anything?

Is this what Indian Culture is all about!

Maybe It’s not just about the Indian culture anymore. Due to these acts the image of our country is getting polluted in the whole world. People think that India is a place where any girl can get sexually assaulted anywhere.
Well they are not wrong, are they?

One of the girls recorded the video of the man masturbating and posted it on facebook page of Kolkata Police. Later the man was arrested but the question that I have is why nobody from the bus said anything to the man or protested. People can’t see a young couple hugging in a metro but they are absolutely alright with this unethical sight.

The girl revealed that 15 days ago they (the woman and her friend) had to go through a similar ordeal when the same man had put down his pants and had shown his genitals to them but at that time they didn’t have any prove.
When she asked the bus conductor to take any action he smiled and said,
” What can I do? How can I know what’s going on in someone’s mind. ”

(The accused man)

This is the reaction of the people, what else can we expect from them.
India indeed is a great country but people are not justifying it’s greatness.

We all know and respect Indian culture but as time change everything must evolve with it. Most of the people of India have that old mentality and are locked in a cupboard filled with stereotypes and the thing is they don’t even try to get out of there. Instead they try to pull others inside and when someone denies, they tag them as a threat to Indian culture.


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