In Search of Light


For years, I have pierced
My heart with a dagger
To make it more fierce
But all it did was stagger

Walking uncomfortably down the street
Labeled love, relationship, happiness
With greeting everybody at every meet
But longing only for loneliness

Finally bumping into a dark passage mid “love” stroll
Where lied its whole new universe
Passing through it taking steps like a crawl
It was walking, murmuring curses

This hidden galaxy was where it belonged to
“The alley of comfort in darkness” as it was called
Everything was monochrome in view
All new entrants were hauled

My heart was one of them too
And standing in a queue ahead
I could make a thing or two
It was something maybe it should dread

The new people entering the zone
Were sucked out of their colour
To match them with the folk out there
My heart took its step back with a flair

Turned around on its way back
Out of that narrow entrance as exit
Took a breath of relief without any crack
Realised something that was legit

Valley of darkness cannot comfort one
By sucking out their true colours
But a road down to baker’s bun
Won’t ever make you feel duller


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