“I was born, but I never lived!”


“I was born, but I never lived!”

Life is kind of sorted, for all of us, we take birth and we grow up taking education after that we pursue our goals be it anything but yes! We bear to start earning, isn’t it? Everything moves in a flow, we stick with the same pattern, perhaps that’s why we are called as human machines!

Possibly I am incorrect or maybe I am talking pointless or maybe I am talking sense, it altogether depends on our perspective, our motives, and our aspirations.

We humans are split into two categories mainly, first is of the people who decide to think out of the box and the second is about the people who observe the pattern which is part of our aliveness, this question which I am starting to ask is in both categories, my question is are you happy? Because at the end of the day what will matter the most will be your satisfaction, your smile that you are practicing something which you actually wanted.

Every soul in their childhood dreams about how they want to view themselves in coming years, we also dream about living a life which we see or we hear from somewhere, as we spring up we end up sticking with the pattern and somewhere we kill the individual living within us, our true identity what we were and what we could have become, I want to know why?

We never stop dreaming and at some level, those dreams become the reason you want to sleep every night as our realities are way far different from what we dream. When a person dreams about anything we set out that arc which we demand to fill the dream we have seen for ourselves, our dream is a very reason we have got this far, bringing our dreams into realities will not occur overnight. It demands everything from us and it returns it yields us a reason to exist.

My second question is in the first category, what was the reason you took after your passion and not the rule? And my third query is in the second category, what made you watch the rule and not the love?

Before I proceed further I want to ask everyone,

Are we living? I may sound strange but this is a very question I ask myself every day before starting my day and before sleeping because living is important than any other thing because we will feel life when we will inhabit it,

It’s not about design or passion, it’s around us living our lives and we are happy with it, either way we will be the solitary mortal who will serve justice to ourselves, everything in our lifespan has a cause behind it all we have to do is see it with our open eyes, in that respect is no path which will lead us to our destination the only path we should know will be ours and we are already walking along it, we have the capability to pull in our way as our goal.

Because in the end, we should not say, “I was born, but I never lived,” it should perpetually be “I was born and I never gave up living.”

Let me know who you are and in which category you come in, I hope you will answer the doubts I have inquired in the remark department(comment)


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