I am the most selfish



I’m the most selfish person you’ll ever meet.
Whatever I do is for my own greed.
My love will consume you darling,
It’ll be the only thing sparkling.
But for that I’ll lay everything with precision,
I won’t ever let you make any decision.
Not because I want to control you,
But i can’t afford to lose you.

If there ever comes a situation so complicated
Where one decision can leave your life grated
A decision between you and anybody else so concrete,
I’ll save you in a heartbeat.
I know you’re decision will be based on your love,
But you see, mine is truly based on that too my dove
I know your habit of putting everyone else before yourself
So here I am with my obnoxious self
To fulfill my selfish motives of not losing you
Because baby, I’ll always choose you.
And it’s because I love you
That I can’t be selfish with you



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