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My soon-to-be husband
I hope you’re happy with your decision of a future US.

But before we tie knot for a lifetime, I want you to know what kind of mess you’re signing up for.

So that you can’t say I didn’t warn you. (See, your to-be-wife is smart)

I am the type of girl who doesn’t want any surprises or big gestures, but will be flattered by your little efforts (That doesn’t mean you won’t surprise me, getting me?). Ohkay, to be honest, I’m a complete mess, over-thinker and I overgeneralise. If you ever get upset due to anything, I’ll take it on me that where I went wrong. I sometimes zone out while conversations, and that may require you to pull me back and repeat it (I’m already sorry for that). I may sometimes act like that over possessive bitch that will be jealous of any girl talking to you (because what’s mine, is mine). Though I’m the most optimistic person one can ever meet, but let me tell you a secret, you’re going to be my husband, so you should know, I am negative as hell sometimes and will talk rubbish. Death fascinates me alot and I’ll say sentences like “I wish I was dead” often. Songs which cheer people up, have opposite effect on me, i get low (and sometimes, very low) after listening to them. I’m emotional and sensitive to the core, that means, I’ll cry my eyes out even on small things. There are many more negatives about me, you’ll get to know with time.

During these times, i just want you to hold me close, hug me tight, a kiss on the forehead and “baby, everything will be alright”, will be enough for me to collapse in your arms and let all my fears and insecurities out.

There isn’t everything negative about me but some positive too, trust me on this. When I’m happy, you’ll be showered with unconditional love (hugs, kisses, cuddles and gifts to be precise). You’ll see me with a smile that reach to my ears when i see you when you come home after work. You won’t ever get bored of me, as I’m a funny plus punny person, yes I’m a joker. And yeah get ready for some insults (no damage intended). I’ll make sure you feel like king of the world everyday (correction: MY king). Don’t worry about your problems, I’ll be your saviour, I promise. I promise to be your ray of hope when you don’t even know if the sun will ever shine. And yes, i know how to act stupid just to have that smile on your face which I saw when we first met.

And a little confession: I love you already. Ohkay, stop blushing now in public.

Your Soon-to-be wife


  1. I think this one is something….which every girl can relate to her….. wonderfully written…💐Actually this made my day 😊


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