Free Palestine


A poem on current ongoing killings in Palestine.

// Where art thou ? //

Because this world was
never meant for dark clouds
of grieve and distress,
All those bullets rising
from the guns of Herculean
powers showering on silent voices,
Which are meant to put down
raging thunder from the strip
of unrest is barbarous.
Roads are turning into ruins,
Cities into history,
Man into monster,
Power into invisible hunger,
Far away on shores of the
lonely island a man is smiling
towards the sky and making a
wish of prevailing peace on
this barren land of injustice.
Unaware of all these rubbled
cries floating in the bloody
river running across the borders
of Palestine and Isreal making
America wet again with the
dripping of impure blood on streets,
Blind to those disturbing images
of children without limbs
creating a fear of losing
our near ones in our cold hearts,
Deaf to the holy voice of the
Father who promised this land
to the Children of Israel.
If it’s him – the merciful
then why you are doubting
his actions on humans,
May be he who is the most
benevolent will have mercy
on our sins,
May be he will turn dry
graves of free souls
into flowers of glory,
May be, after we lost
another battle to the
king of everlasting hell,
Then, he will come again
to save us, to redeem us,
to compensate our loss
in the whole trap of
this pious plan.

Oh yes! trap,
Beast is rising up
from wild waves of Nile,
With his servants Gog and
Magog who are licking up
the wall of humanity with
their tongue to wipe out
humans from history.
This mournful situation
is equally enjoyed by
Satan and God both from the
open gate of heaven and
the locked gate of hell
with a cup of wine in one
hand and blood in other.
Again holy existence is
challenged by a poor fellow
penning impious verses with
torment condition of mind
and heart,
This is not the end of
questioning time,
This is just the beginning
of lamenting over the
dead body of our own master.

Where art thou master?
Let me invoke you with
all my remaining faith
full of filth and dirt,
Let me invoke you with
all my remaining energy
which I wasted upon my
illogical years of dedication,
Let me invite you here
on this pagan piece
of land where people of
different doctrines are
fighting with each other,
They are not only different
in ideologies but also are
different in each every possible
inhuman trait, come talk to us,
come hold this falling bridge
with your invisible hands,
For heaven’s sake write,
Pick up your powerful pen
and pen down peace in place
of power, love in place of
hate, man in place of monster,
mercy in place of cruelty,
and most important one in
place of human,
Propogate idea of equality,
Revisit the pages of your
words and re-write them
with the common ink of One.

BY:- Mohammad Anas


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