Environment Pollution


Day by day we are experiencing the harsh aftermath of full throttled modernization. We humans, in our rat race to become super successful and rich, have forgotten that mother nature has the last say in this world. If we use our resources unhindered, they will all be lost very soon.
The extreme climate change fluctuations that we are experiencing are nothing but the side-effects of modernisation. We depleted the forest blanket in order to provide accommodation to the ever growing population without even thinking about its results. To add to our woes there’s the great race to become the world’s super power and along with it the power mongering attitude of the leaders.
Of late, the people who are at the top of the governing bodies, NGO’s, etc., have been in deep conversation on this grave issue. Various countries adopt different policies to make our planet earth sustainable for our future generations.
The pace with which the rules of environment conservation are being implemented, paints a very grim picture for our progeny. Apart from the steps undertaken by the countries, we the common men should also undertake responsibility of conserving our mother earth.
The scarcity of clean drinking water is a serious concern for one and all. Lakes, ponds, wells, etc., dry up in the summer season. As an alternative method, water can be sourced from the sea, treated and consumed by the commoners. Rain water harvesting is another way to put the otherwise wasted water to some good use. It can be used for cleaning, gardening and washing.

Water should be cleaned and treated before disposing it into the nearby lakes or rivers. Untreated water discharged from the factories causes pollution which damages not only the flora and fauna of the adjoining areas but also causes different diseases to humans using water from those water bodies.

Clean air to breathe is a necessity for staying healthy. Harmful exhausts released from the cars, chimneys of factories as well as the CFC from refrigerators and air conditioners causes lots of pollution. Pooling of vehicles is an immediate step which can be undertaken to lessen air pollution caused due to the excessive number of vehicle plying on our roads.

The green house gases released into the atmosphere results in the increase of the temperature. If we have a look at the average surface temperature of earth between the time period of 1906 and 2005 then we find that it rose for about 0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius and the rate of increase in temperature has almost become twice in the last fifty years.

Planting more trees will lead to some cleansing of air as trees emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. The mindless deforestation which has been happening is a source of of grave concern for one and all. The Indian government has taken up many steps to check this ever growing problem of environmental pollution. However, the government alone cannot accomplish this herculean task. It needs the help of NGO’s as well as the common man to bring about any changes in the present scenario.

When we meet people, we can gift them saplings along with other gifts of our choice and ask them to take care of the saplings. The growth of the saplings into plants will give them a sense of satisfaction of nurturing a life as well as of doing good to humanity.

Again, community groups can take up weekly tree conservation drive and plant new saplings and water them. Schools can take up such drives too. They can allot one period weekly to all the classes on different days for the conservation of trees and saplings in the vicinity. Such drives on the part of the students will be a welcome break from the monotonous curriculum as well as instill a sense of social responsibility in the minds of the children who are the flag bearers of morrow.

Another step that people can undertake is to preserve the seeds of fruits that they consume. Preserving them properly after cleaning by wrapping in paper bags, for whenever we go out these seeds can be strewn on the roadside. With time these would grow into big trees not only providing us shade but also fruits and help us in our little drive of conserving our planet for the future generations.

India State of Forest Report (2017), published every two years is released by the Union minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan. It puts “India’s total forest cover as 708,273 sq. kms which is about 21.54% of our country’s total G.A and tree cover as 93,815 sq. kms (about 2.85% of the total G.A). India targets having 33% of the total G.A under forest cover.”

This report brings to light a very worrying trend that “the five states where the forest cover had receded the most are in the biodiversity rich north eastern region and had witnessed a decrease in 2015 from 2013, according to the previous report.”

Trees not only help us to keep a check on air pollution, but their roots also bind the soil tightly and lessen soil erosion caused due to heavy rains. Mangrove forests in the delta area are planted to check soil erosion in those areas. Hence, we should all come together and preserve our planet earth for our future generations.


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