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Hello All! In this post, we are sharing information about a product which is in Top demands due to its unique technology! So, I won’t waste your time and will talk directly.

Writing is a very old form of communication, but now it is being digitized in 21st century! How?

Ever wondered if there was a pen which could be used on any paper? Nope,you can use it on any flat surface or; anything you wrote (say Notes) whether in your class or at office could be stored for future use!

Well, dreams are over because It’s possible now!

This time, we have an awesome product (which i am sure you will love to get hands on) : eBeam SmartPen !

Project initiated by Luidia Inc, total funds of $103,026 USD have been raised till now for this Awesome eBeam SmartPen !


Keynote Features for eBeam SmartPen are:-

  1. Sharing your writing in real time is easy. With a press of a button you can start a meeting and share the link, and anyone with that link can connect and watch !
  2. You can stay connected anywhere, anyone can watch what you write all in real time !
  3. The eBeam SmartPen even comes with a stylus nib to make it an all-in-one pen & stylus solution that can be used on any display or on any flat surface without making a mark. Stylus nib on the bottom of the charging case can be used instead of the ink cartridge. This gives you the power to use the eBeam SmartPen as an accurate tablet stylus or to write on any flat surface so you don’t make any marks. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave pen marks on things.
  4. You can write with eBeam SmartPen on any chatting app or memo app by simply downloading eBeam Keyboard app. You can write, draw or take memo even without dedicated app opened.
  5. eBeam SmartPen can be used with any paper, from Letter to B6. It is the only thing you need to capture your writing. You can use any paper like notepads, a scrap of paper, post-its, envelopes etc. Whatever you write the sensor can capture.

They will be releasing Windows SDK and app to make Pen work as Mouse for the PC and Mac. In this case, yes it should work with OneNote.

If you want this awesome product for yourself, you can buy this from this link for $85.00 !

So, did you like the product? Share your views in comment section and if you do have any other queries feel free to ask us.



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