A diamantaire’s billion dollar scam


The Nirav Modi Scam

By now, mostly everybody has heard about this particular topic. God knows it’s been debated to death, with no real solution to the problem. So of course, I decided to talk a little bit about it; add my own opinion into the vast cavern of free opinions, in a free country. Now before I begin, I’d like to mention, that I’m no economist. I barely understand the intricacies of finances, and if you’re here for a full and detailed discourse about the international ramifications of this scam, I fear you’re going to be rather disappointed. No, I want to talk about everything that happened, or rather, everything that had to have happened, in order to bring this scheme to fruition. Obviously there’s the big man himself : Nirav Modi. A billionaire diamantaire, ranked #57 in the Forbes List of Indian Billionaires, and the main antagonist of this little mess. Then there’s Mehul Choksi, a second diamond merchant, and our secondary antagonist. There’s the shady PNB branch manager, who gave them the personal loan under fraudulent circumstances. The deputy managers, the people working under our diamantaires, everybody is involved, in some way or the other. But let’s be frank here, we all know none of this could have been possible without the involvement of a much higher power. A power, compared to whom even billionaires are small fry : The Government.

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This shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone. Anybody and everybody who isn’t a complete statist would admit that the government *probably* had a finger in this rather profitable pie. The only thing that divides people, is the simple question : “Which government do we blame?”. Ask a Congress supporter, he’ll point to those dirty, fanatical, communally divisive rats, being led by a egotistical megalomaniac. Ask a BJP supporter, and they’ll defiantly point to those lying, no good dynastic party of crooked thieves, weak leaders and soft spoken puppets. Well I’m here to tell you, that the Congress supporters are correct. And so are the BJP supporters.

There’s a simple truth that we all need to accept, before we move on. Before we can open or look towards the bigger picture, to the lie that we’ve been fed by society, by the press, and by the media : “The Government is not your friend” . That’s it. Realize that, and everything will become clear. The Government may have started out for the people, but it has since ceased to work for the betterment of the people.

Now, keeping that in mind, let’s examine the accusations. The BJP blame the Congress for letting it happen in the first place. And to an extent, they’re right. The scam started when the Congress was in power, they’re directly or indirectly responsible for it. They on the other hand, blame the BJP for not stopping the whole thing, before it blew up in their faces. Once again, it’s a valid counter-arguement, the BJP had enough time to deal with it quietly and efficiently. Instead, they allowed it to continue. But the clincher, in my mind, is the bank manager who allowed the whole thing to start, and continue. A man who stayed in the same post, in the same branch, for almost a decade, which is about six years over the allowed term limit (at the same branch). The rules were bent specifically for this man, and the only organization capable of doing this without any questions being asked? You guessed it, the government. At the time, it was the Congress, then the baton passed, and the same ritual of corruption continued in the new, as it did in the old.

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Well, at least there’s one topic the opposition and the party in power, can agree on. Corruption is, has been, and will always be a point of bipartisan cooperation.


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