Delicious Desserts To Try

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One thing that all of us look forward to after a sumptuous meal are the lip- smacking desserts. Desserts are a part of our dinners and lunches. There are certain varieties of desserts. And there are so many delectable desserts that one would want to try. The most mouth watering on my list are these 5 delectable desserts-

1. Creme Brûlée

This scrumptious dessert is a delight to have. Creme Brulee which basically means burnt cream is a French dessert that consists of an enriching custard base covered with a dense layer of hard caramel. The traditional creme brulee is vanilla flavoured. But one can customise it as per their taste.

2. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is mainly a coffee flavoured Italian dessert. It is a rich treat which is blended in the bold flavours of cocoa and espresso with savoury mascarpone cheese and wine. The delicate flavours of Italian custard and mascarpone will leave your palate wanting for more. The name itself means “pick me up.” So lose yourself in this caffeinated indulgence.

3. Macarons

Macarons are meringue-y, dainty and soft confection gluten free french cookies which one can savour at any hour. They come in a colourful variety and are filled with ganache or icing. They are your perfect little treat for indulgence. It offers a lot of different flavours ranging from chocolate, vanilla, coconut to mango, strawberry and Rose and so many more.

4. Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie is one of the most delicious delicacies. It is an English dessert made from bananas with biscuit and butter pie crust topped with whipped cream and caramel. It’s an extreme euphoria for your mind and creating havoc on your taste buds. This irresistible pie comes  covered in layers of toffee, banana slices and whipped cream. So don’t miss out on this incredible dessert.

5. Chocolate mud cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate.Chocolate mud cake is a true essential if you are a chocolate lover. This moist and rich mud cake which is very dark and dense contains a lot of chocolate and a touch of coffee. The intense goey cake would just melt in your mouth. It’s topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate syrup on the side. Only a true chocolate fanatic can handle this amount of chocolate as it stands true to its name.
These were the delectable 5 desserts let me know in the comments section below which would you like to try first.



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