Creative geniuses, The Mutlipotentialites – Fit In or Stand Out


The Mental independence, the creative independence and the hunger to create something new, beautiful, remarkable and something that sometimes maybe not everyone can understand so easily. Do you know someone who has done something like that? Well Steve Jobs has done it, Newton has, Thomas Alva Edison has, Einstein, Marie curie and Stephen Hawking. – the greatest innovator of all times. The writers, artists, innovator, product developers do it all the time, it’s a different thing that I am actually talking about the product or the creation what you can call – “Magic”

So what is a Multipotentialite ? what do they do so differently ? what makes them such a good creator or an innovator. The fact is that these are the people who have many interests. They can’t just sit around and do just one thing one day, everyday.

So they practice their art and connect their knowledge from two or more different fields and boom – there is a new product, it could be beautiful or it could be ugly. You might fail or succeed but congratulations you are an innovator at heart.

Creativity and mental independence gives you the power that  no one can steal from you ! It is only your power. It has the power that can take you to places no one else can see but it’s the main focus of your vision, to generate ideas and vision no one can see but you. No one can get in your head and stop you from connecting the dots and creating something powerful.

“Vision is the art of seeing invisible” – Jonathan Swift, that means for you need to have that vision that seems impossible to others but seems possible to you.  Not everyone can see what you see and if that is the case you can surely create something remarkable that will even shock you yourself.

The language of heart, soul and creativity :

Listening to what your heart says, How you really feel about a certain thing, what makes you feel alive and what do you care about ? Answering this kind of questions can strengthen your bond with your heart.

Now most of the creative people go in solitude, get into the creative imaginative space in mind, get in the mood, brainstorm, try a new activity, research on similar , do something they love or play music to get the creative juices flowing.

But there is one condition Your heart is like that girlfriend who needs a lot of pampering so what does that mean ? Let me explain, there will be certain times in your life when everything is fine but you don’t feel alright that is when your heart wants you to do something about the current situation, that just means that the more you obey, listen and follow your heart the more it will give you back and in far more beautiful and impeccable ways that you would have ever imagined. It is the purest form of love and don’t you ever try to cheat him. However the best way would be to consider advice from both the masters equally – The mind and the heart.

So one more just for you –

“ Finding opportunity is a matter of believing it’s there.”

So I know now the biggest challenge we face here is to ignore people’s opinion and leave itit behi and trusting your own gut more. Not because you are selfish but,because you trust yourself enough and you know you are going to fail in your goal if you are not so confident about it. But accepting that this failures are to learn, embrace the challenges and looking at the same problem like it is not a problem but just a more rough, challenging or a different path to get to the goal. This is a mere creative solution for most of the complex processes which all the geniuses have used until now.

I know it’s hard for you to explain to everyone what you are and why you do what you do. But those people have lost themselves somewhere while trying to fit in. Everyone is born a creative genius but there are only a few who can keep that ability within themselves long enough to bring a chance.

This one is just for you, for those who are reading this, it is to let you know  I have failed and still I listen to my heart and I won’t ever give up even If I will have to crawl to reach the goal, I will. I wish that you never ever give up on your dreams , because there is no cage powerful enough to prevent you from dreaming. There are no rules for dreaming and there is no age to achieve any dream.

Have Patience and keep dreaming. Until then, Pamper your heart by something that  you love to do – music, books, poems, your ideal people or your creativity.


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