Black Panther: A New Dawn


With MCU’s Black Panther running amok in theatres worldwide, here’s what you really need to know about it.

A solo movie for Black Panther was declared way back in 2005 by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the storyline was developed while keeping in mind the super hyped and much awaited ‘Infinity Stone’, and why not? Who does not want to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes join forces against a dude who is literally named Death (Thanos was the Greek god of death: And no, Hades is the god of Underworld. It’s different. Thanos works for Hades.). Also, did I mention? The dude carries the most potent weapon ever made, and can bend anything to his will, courtesy the Infinity Gauntlet. Now, the gauntlet consists of six stones, and they were brought together by weaving through different MCU movies through the years. So far, stones were roped in from Avengers (Space: Blue), Avengers: Age of Ultron (Mind: Yellow), Thor: A Dark World (Reality: Red), Guardians of the Galaxy (Power: Purple) and Doctor Strange (Time: Green). The sixth stone (Soul: Orange), was supposed to make a way in through Black Panther. Imagine everyone’s surprise when there was absolutely no reference to it in the movie. It might be hidden inside the purple-ish heap of Vibranium. After all, the yellow Mind Stone was hidden in a blue Tesseract. Either way, we will know for sure when Avengers: Infinity War comes out. For now, let’s focus on why Black Panther is awesome.

It has an absolutely gripping story-line, a cool hero, a cool villain and some excellent supporting characters. As is the case with every MCU movie ever, it has funny dialogues, intense action sequences, insanely buffed men, and is sprinkled with nice little Easter eggs here and there. The performances by all the actors is fabulous, to say the least.

But, convincing as these reasons might be, how is it different from any of the other Marvel movies? Or, for that matter, how is Black Panther different from any other regular Superhero flick? Here’s how.

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Black Panther is the first film in the history of superhero movies to feature a predominantly African-American cast. The story is set in Wakanda, a fictional African country, which is a third world nation in the eyes of the world. The reality, however, could not be more different. Wakandans are a race that is highly advanced in terms of technology, owing to the presence of a magic metal from outer space, Vibranium(Yes, the same as Captain america’s shield). In addition to the fact mentioned above, it also portrays a lot of  beauties, who are very well trained in martial arts, are skillful soldiers, brilliant genii (No, not the ones who grant wishes. That’s a genie. Genii is plural for genius.), and even the commander of Wakanda’s army. This handles two of the most sensitive topics that have been around forever and are just witnessing a rise again in present day United States and the rest of the world as well, i.e. Racism, and feminism.

With crimes against African-American people being on an all-time high since the inhuman days of slavery (All hail Lincoln), and the Police with its shooting-people-first-asking-questions-later policy, it was high time someone stood up for African Pride. Marvel Cinematic Universe did it, and how! T’Challa/Black Panther is the King of Wakanda, and his rule solely relies on all the help he’s getting from the opposite gender. His administrative decisions and technological prowess (Coolest. Gadgets. Ever.), is taken care of by his sister, Shuri. His bodyguard platoon is a ladies-only legion, which reminds one of an African version of the Amazons (Wonder Woman, are you reading this?). Also, lest I forget, his ex is hot, and an exceptional warrior as well.

MCU wielded a double bladed sword with no hilt, charged headfirst into battle, and emerged victorious. Credit goes to the entire team for portraying it with such grace and panache. It is a great achievement to pull off, and God knows it could have gone very, very wrong.

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Yes, credit does go to Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke and all the other actors who did more than just act in this movie. They lived it, and we loved it. Black Panther has already broken many cinematic records worldwide in terms of box office collections, and that is it’s least significant achievement.

Black Panther has heralded a new age. An age where we can almost see Martin Luther King’s dream come true. An age, for which Lincoln, arguably the greatest President of the US, devoted his entire life to. An age, where our minds are not shackled by shallow mentalities and narrow visions. An age where we can all treat each other as equals, irrespective of Race and Gender. (I personally hope for equality on the basis of religion or sexual preferences too, but shush.. Blogs have ears.)

That’s all from me today, folks. If you haven’t watched Black Panther yet, go out to your nearest theatre and do it now.


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