Being a Girl Sucks ( In a ‘Great’ Country Like INDIA )


Since the day a girl is born in India ( Well I can’t say about the other countries ) people treat her differently. By differently I don’t mean a good differently but a bad differently. We all are aware of the crimes related to sexual harassment in India and how it is so widely spread in every corner of the country.

But the solutions that Indians come up with to stop these crimes are literally creative and shameful.

Instead of shaping the mind of young boys in a good way and teach them to behave properly, everybody here keeps body shaming girls.

“Look how short her dress is.”
“OMG her cleavage is so visible, doesn’t she have any self respect.”

These kinds of judgements people pass every day, everywhere without any guilt or shame. And these are not just the words of the boys and men but mostly girls and women.

How about if I say


Most of the people will get offended here by these words because nobody is mentally prepared to give us the equal rights in any area.

And don’t try to contradict me by saying that women can wear whatever they want to nobody stops them because it is not true. Let me give you a tour of dress codes for girls in schools and colleges of our country to save girls from GETTING RAPED.


1. DPS Rohini

Girls must wear skin colored bras as visible undergarments PROVOKE male students.

2. St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai

Female students are banned from wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, short dresses and ripped jeans.

3. Banaras Hindu University

Female students are forbidden from wearing shorts and skirts to keep them Safe.

4.  Symbiosis International University, Pune

Girls are restricted from wearing ‘REVEALING CLOTHES’. They should wear salwar kameez.

5. Colleges of Rajasthan 

Girls should wear Salwar Kameez or Saree.

And the list goes on…

This is not the end of the discriminating rules. In most of the colleges girls have to return to their hostels by 6 to 8 pm while there are no such rules for boys.
In some colleges girls are even restricted to use their Mobile phones in night.

Some college authorities say that they compell women to dress in Salwar kameez and saree to save the Indian culture but my point is there should be Indian dress codes for boys also right?
That is Kurta Pajama or Dhoti and Kurta but I don’t see this dress code anywhere in the country. In every school and colleges boys wear shirt pants.

Why this discrimination?

Why only girls should be responsible to save our so called Indian culture.

Many people keep criticizing feminism and feminists. They think that it is their hobby to keep protesting about every thing but if you dig deeper you will find out how sexist are the rules. And mentality of our people is literally unbearable for any girl.

If you have food and a dog wants to eat it.

What will you do?
Will you lock the food in a cage or lock the dog?
I think a sane person will lock the dog or teach him to follow his orders.
Now let’s compare the same condition with girls.
If there is a girl ( The Food ) and a boy ( The Dog ) wants to have sex with her without her consent, what do we do?
We lock the girls ( The food ) and teach them what to wear and how to behave instead of teaching the boys.

So according to my comparison we ain’t sane.

In our society girls are taught to not getting raped rather than the boys to not to rape girls.

And the most heartbreaking thing is when men or women in power talk rubbish about rapes happening in our country.
Like eating chowmein is the reason of rape or talking to boys is. In which world are they living I don’t understand. I don’t think anybody in their right minds will blame the victim and not the culprit.

And you people say feminism is rubbish. If women won’t fight for their rights then who will?

Because I don’t see any person coming for help when society criticizes us for every single thing we do.

Let me ask you one thing if covering women in clothes is the solution of everything then why a woman in burkha gets raped?

They say that REVEALING CLOTHES of girls provoke boys then it should be the same way around, right?

Lets imagine one condition
There is a girl who says that she is getting provoked by seeing the vests or underwear of a boy what will you say?
That this girl is a slut and she’s character less.

But when the same things are said by boys why don’t we blame them?
Why every time the society blames the dressing sense of the particular girl or a group of girls.

Why so?

Our country is full of these kind of stereotypes and Feminists have to go a long way before getting equal rights.
So if you are not going to support them Please don’t criticize them.

Because being a girl in a country like India literally sucks which a boy will never truly understand.


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