Badnaam Kulfi: Have you tried it?

Ever wondered how a kulfi with a bad reputation so called as our favourite Badnaam Kulfi can mesmerize our bollywood directors and producers so much that they shoot a movie scene in the chaotic lanes of Kanpur also called as the ”Manchester of the East”
”Bunty & Bubly” Don’t you remember it? I’m surprised! It was such a superhit blockbuster of the year 2005, one of the stills from the movie scenes was shot at this 60 years old legendary shop.
Peeping into their history and throwing a light upon their legacy, they successfully run 6 outlets itself in the kanpur city where they had originated. The oldest shop is still located in the hustle bustle of bada chauraha where hundreds of people on a daily basis gather to satiate their tingling tastebuds that start salivating only by the flashing of hoardings and billboards. Thaggu ke laddu is the one place that has made a name not only in Uttar Pradesh but equally in other states where every person walks in with a great expectation to satisfy their sweet tooth.
Honestly speaking Badnaam Kulfi is the best version of kulfi’s I’ve ever had till date. In a nutshell, Unlike most other kulfi’s it is whipped rather than just frozen so it has became my personal favourite having a slight rabdi like texture which melts in the mouth itself loaded with cardamom, pistachios and mangalore cashews.

Mr Ramavtar Pandey, a great poet and a humourous soul speaks up about their enchanting journey that there’s no more to the name than just a publicity gimmick to attract attention so here goes their superstar Badnaam kulfi that is always criticised to have a bad reputation because of it’s hilarious name but having a standalone brand value coming with a tagline ”Mehmaan ko chakhana nahi, Wo Tik Jayega” meaning that if you serve it to your guests they won’t leave your home. Funny! Isn’t it?
Costing is around ₹44 for 100gms


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