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Today, let’s talk about how our nation might actually have been pioneers in literally everything you can think of right now. It will get very long and contradictory (not to mention, boring) if we actually take our epics into consideration so, let us talk about the Vedas. We will, however, talk about three very specific things: Time-Travel, Environmental Protection and Magic.

So, let’s begin with the concept of time. It’s an established fact that time is the fifth dimension; Length, Breadth, Height and Space respectively being the first four. Now, considering the time-travelling theory of Einstein to be theoretically correct (which it is), let us embark on a story.

There was once a mighty king called Kakudmi. He had a beautiful daughter named Revati, who was of marriageable age. King Kakudmi thought that no king on earth was fit to marry her, so he embarked on a journey to Brahmalok (Abode of Lord Brahma, the creator) to ask for his help. (Don’t ask me how. I have no idea.) However, when he reached there; Lord Brahma was busy watching a dance performance (He might be judging the world’s first ever reality show, for all we know), so he had to wait for about half an hour, regular time. When he finally came, the king showed him a list of all the Kings and Princes on earth at that time, and asked whom did he consider to be the most suitable husband for his daughter.
In reply, Lord Brahma laughed and said, ‘O King, all those whom you may have decided within the core of your heart to accept as your son-in-law have died in the course of time. Twenty-seven chatur-yugas have already passed. Those upon whom you may have already decided are now gone, and so are their sons, grandsons and other descendants. You cannot even hear about their names.

You must therefore bestow your daughter upon some other husband, for you are now alone, and your friends, your ministers, servants, wives, kinsmen, armies, and treasures, have long since been swept away by the hand of time.” (Thank you for the monologue, dramatic old man.) He then told a devastated Kakudmi to not lose heart, as Lord Vishnu had incarnated as Krishna on earth, and wed his daughter to his elder brother, Balaram.

For people who are even casual fans of Hollywood Cinema, this will immediately remind them of Matthew McConaughey’s Interstellar. The time-space warp is certainly an enigma, and it might take us decades; perhaps centuries to actually solve it and convert time travel into reality. But one thing is for sure that the authors of Bhagwat Puran certainly had some ideas related to it.

While leaving you that question to muse upon before going to bed tonight, we move on to the apparently irrational decision of US President Mr. Donald Trump breaking the Paris Climate Pact, signed by Barack Obama in 2015. Mr. Trump has reportedly stated earlier, “Climate change is a hoax spread by China.”(No wonder Prince Harry invited Obama to his wedding and not him).

Anyway, India took over the mantle under its current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, and earned worldwide acclaim for ensuring that other nations do not follow America’s suit and the pact stands strong. In a speech, he also mentioned the importance of environmental protection written in our Vedas. Well, he was right (Pun unintended). Rigveda and Yajurveda both give exclusive insights into importance of natural resources and taking care of them. While Rigveda, being written much earlier, stresses on worshipping the nature (mostly out of fear); Yajurveda is much more practical in its approach and tells people to use natural resources judiciously.

Last, but not the least; we come to a topic that picked up a woman from the streets and turned her into the highest selling story teller ever. Our very own, J.K.Rowling and her Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Well, you might find it difficult to believe, but India is said to have its very own Hogwarts way back in about 800 AD. It was called Vikramshila University, and students, scholars and patrons from all over Asia and some parts of Europe came here to study subjects of varying interests.
Apparently, the magical arts were one of the most coveted, hence clandestine courses were offered. Mantras, Tantras and rituals of both the good and the evil kind were learnt, developed and passed on among its hallowed portals.

It was located in present-day Bihar and even today; tales of tantra, black magic, sorcery and hypnosis are prevalent in the areas of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha (earlier Orissa). Negative forces are employed by black magicians to suit personal gains and people go to Pujaris, Ojhas and Sadhus who’re reputed to have positive energy hence countering the evil that might befall. A lot of it is fraud, but eyewitnesses will tell you many chilling tales of eerie stuff happening that could not be explained. The temple of Goddess Kamakhya in Guwahati is renowned for the staggering number of tantra-mantra fanatics it attracts.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize the fact that India has a rich cultural, political, scientific, social, and economical history. We could achieve greater heights in future if we could follow Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s slogan, ”Vedon ki aur lauto” (Get back to the Vedas). We have so much left to discuss, from our epics to Aryabhatta, but lets keep that for some other time.
Take care people, and keep smiling.

P.S. The author is in no way affiliated to any right or left wing group.

P.P.S. Ayurveda is not a Veda.


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