A letter to son from his father


A letter to son from his father

Dear son,

In the world of technology, writing you a letter may sound crazy, but when I was of your age these letters in the letterbox used to fascinate me, the curiosity of reading the letter and after reading it, I used to keep it in my safe box, the reason why I keep them safe was simple. The letter holds the exact emotion of the person who is writing it, the efforts they took to let me know their story and how they are doing these days.

The scent of the ink used to talk on behalf of them and I used to go in the same feel as they might felt that time. Sometimes, I used to smile and sometimes I got tears in my eyes and not to forget the excitement of getting many letters in the letterbox and reading them all one by one. Those pages are torn a bit and the ink got fade away but still, I can read what is written inside them.

Son, when you will get this letter you will think: I talked to dad last night, we talk daily in the evening and what it is in the letter? Yes, I agree, maybe there is nothing new in this letter. But what if the sun didn’t choose me to rise again the next day? Don’t be sad dear, I said this because we never know what fate has chosen for all of us and I don’t want to regret that I never said what I will be saying in this letter.

My child, I want you to keep this letter as a precious gift given by your father and whenever you will get time try reading it. Son, I am not saying you to keep reading it repeatedly, all I am asking you is: that you read it when you will feel alone! When you will not find a way to come back home! This letter has answers to your every question which you will get in your entire life, worry not my child you are a conqueror.

Dear, I always tried to have a word with you but never found ‘that’ time where I can share all these things with you, maybe we don’t get much time and after all life is about survival.

Yes! If you are born you are born to survive with which fate comes to you, but we never know what accident will make us apart. Which is why I am writing this letter to you at such time where we just talked last night and if I am lucky enough I will get to talk to you after you read this letter and do remember the things I will tell you in these letters, no one else will have an urge to tell you all these.

Champ, this letter is less about you and more about me, but I am your father and I see myself in you. Thus, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes which I regret till now maybe I will carry those mistakes for the rest of my life. But, as your father, I am here for you, I will be your guide on the road called life, if you are lost somewhere because of your mistakes I am here for you to pull you up. My mistakes have given me pain, suffering, threats, vulnerabilities and prolonged disease and for you, it’s not that late.

Son, I told you earlier that you are a conqueror so never be afraid of anyone, no one is going to hurt you unless you hurt them. Do not grow the seed of hatred for anyone, you cannot force anyone or yourself to be the happiest person. Happiness is in love, care and living life with brotherhood. Peace is in you let it emerge out for everyone around you. Son, you are solely mine and your mothers’ responsibility. Never ever treat anyone badly, if you find some people around you worthless, then do not let them enter in your life, those people who speak sweetly with you always help you and always try to love you just look at them find their worth and before putting your faith in them try not to get yourself hurt.

Dear, we cannot stop someone who has to go away from you by any means, you will always have to face rejection, refusals, sometimes you have to make strong decisions like leaving that person who you have loved so much still life goes on, no one stops living their life for anyone. Never! Always keep this in mind.

It is said that life is very short but do remember life is your real treasure. Do not waste your time which will end shortly, forget the past, remember present and imagine the future. Life has an emotion of love, live with it.

Love is a transparent feeling which gives you joy, Don’t misunderstand it by sadness. If you are sad in love! Then maybe you are not at all in love, Don’t force anyone to stay in your life.

Love is a feeling an emotion with countless perspectives, it changes from person to person. Love grows with time and so do our lives. If the person you are in love with let you go, do not stop them, they are meant to be with you till here only. Love has to be felt from both the sides, sometimes it fades sometimes it gets colors. Be patient, time is a healer of every wound.  Love is fragile!

Son, you must have heard stories of successful startups, you might also hear that many people who haven’t complete their education but are still millionaires and great businessmen.  Child, it’s all about hard work and dedication, Do remember that same will happen to you or maybe it won’t, so never ever stop getting knowledge by any mean. I will say that you must complete your education too, man is a learner until their end time. Your knowledge is a weapon which will help you lead every battle of life, everything starts from zero, but it does not mean you will start from below zero.

I want you to be good for yourself that you will be able to look at your own needs, even if I am old I will try not to be in your way, I gave you birth and it is my responsibility to look out for you whenever you need me. Son, it’s time you decide whether you want to walk on the same roads as I did or you want to make something more bright. You have to also look at your health do not get addicted to anything, some things are needed to be kept within your limits.

My child, no one has made to the peak of richness overnight, my lottery tickets are an example of it. Your success is defined by your hard work, nothing is free in this world. My letter is the proof that I believe in you and your dream, try not to stop until you get a bullseye.

I hope to be there in the world waiting to get your call after you finish reading my letter.


Your smile is my world,



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