A Late Night Phone Call


It’s one at night.
Me, trying to sleep tight.
The enemy of my sleep,
My phone beeped.
A message saying hey
And, I resisted being my phone’s prey.
So I turned off the net
And, saved my pillow from being wet.

The clock struck 2.
I think my sleep caught a flu.
This time my phone ringed,
And I cringed.
But as I was wide awake,
I picked it up with a quake.

An unfamiliar voice greeted me with “Hello”;
“I know you’re feeling low”.
I was dumbstruck by his words.
Damn, he was good with his cards.
A boy who was just a text buddy,
Was surely having me as a subject of study.

I was a bit uncomfortable at first,
Because I knew I was shedding my crust.
A girl who hates phone call,
Was surely trying hard not to fall.
He made me laugh like I’ve never before,
Clenching my stomach I fell to the floor.

Like a burnt child dreads the fire,
In the same way I was afraid of liars.
The clock struck six in no time,
Being awake this late was for him a crime.
That night did something to us.
We got naked but not that of lust.
But our souls found each other,
Like a walk we had to remember.

Something changed in me after that call.
My fears, insecurities wasn’t taking on me a toll.
Yes, I really did fall for him hard,
Well, I guess, I knew it from the start.


  1. This one is very lovely interpretation of how little things sum up to be big.
    Out of curiosity, just wanted to know, are you and this guy together?
    Your admirer,

    • Thanks for connecting with me mentally foreshadow, and out of curiosity do I know you? Because I keep my personal life private.
      Yours admirer as well.


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