5 steps to survive depression on daily basis



Depression is something we all feel at different times, differently. I don’t have to go in depths about how depression is so painful that it gets you to a point where you can feel nothing at all, a point where you’re as cold as that stupid Disney song and you LET IT GO.

The thing that troubles me is that, even though depression is really common among people, it still has a great amount of stigma around it. Even though everyone knows how it is, no one supports it in the practical world. So I’m not going to talk about how to get out of depression (I might in some other article) but I’m going to talk about how to live with your depression, I know sounds oxymoronic but it’s very important.
Depression is something you have to go through in life, and it can be very challenging to continue your studies or your work while fighting a battle that leaves you exhausted so don’t worry my friends, I got you.


Okay so, I know it sounds silly but trust me guys this is hella important. I struggle with getting out of my bed every day and especially when I am depressed. It is so hard and looks almost impossible to get out and even stand on my own feet for a second, not everyone gets it. My family would keep coming at me with taunts of being lazy or not sleeping on time, when that is not the case. I just can’t get out of bed, why don’t they understand?
Baby girl/boy, they are never going to understand, heck even I don’t understand. So I decided to do something that would make me feel a little better, and after a little trial and error like drinking water first thing in the morning or whenever I wake up, and washing my face. I finally found something that worked for me, and I hope it will work for you too. I started making my bed. No matter what I do afterwards, I have to start my morning with making my bed. At first I’d sleep in it again the minute I made it, then I started getting creative with my ways. I started taking longer while making it , even clean my room a little while doing it. The minute I was done, my room would look so good I wouldn’t want to sleep in bed and ruin my bed again. This process takes almost 3-5 minutes but it helps tremendously. Trust me on this.


I know you might think, how is brushing your hair even sane before washing your face or brushing your teeth? But guys, it is sane. Brushing my hair before doing anything else almost always improves my mood a bit, it gives me energy and a little more motivation. I tell myself “18 hours to go, you got this”.
Since I have wavy hair, this step instantly makes me look neat and all that blood circulation thing gets going in my head and stuff. Whatever guys, I don’t have any science backing it up but IT WORKS.


Now when you’re a little better and your body finally accepts that the day has started. It has to put up a fight both internally and externally, what else can you do to help win these both extremely important battles? You have to be flexible to dodge any curve ball anyone throws at you so, stretch my babies. Get that blood flow going well, you don’t have to exercise or anything just a little back stretching would do.
What I like to do is, I stand with my back touching a wall and I try to stretch along the wall as far as I can. Do remember I am standing on my toes and I am trying to get as taller as I can. This helps in feeling a little fresh and getting rid of the lethargy that has kept you captive. Now you wash your face and brush your teeth and finish whatever morning routine you follow. If you follow a skin care routine then damn you doing good, but personally I can’t even eat on time so this idea of having a morning skin care routine seems far-fetched for me. Anyways, you do what you do!


Okay, so I don’t put up makeup usually. I don’t like it on a regular basis but, if you’re someone who likes it I support you. Why is this an important step? Well to be honest as they say, face is the index of mind and my mind definitely shows what the hell is going on inside so, like every other makeup guru I like to CONCEAL it. It’s important because if I look a little better, then at least I don’t have to answer questions like “Whoa, someone was up all night?”, “You look sick” ,“Are you okay?”.
So guys, do make up and don’t go heavy. Coverage with a little BB cream, gloss and blush to look like you are not dead yet is good. For my boys who are a victim of toxic masculinity or just don’t want to do make up well; you can apply a little lotion or sun block, make a bad ass hairstyle, apply a little gel or whatever and you’re good to go too.
When it comes to what you wear though, you don’t have to go all out and slay the day to the GODS, a little presentable and not too raggy is the look we need!


I cannot emphasize more on this. I have talked a little about it in my last article too, that talks about body positivity and I am going to talk about it here. It is super important guys that we talk to ourselves daily. We have an internal debate going on almost all the time but, do we communicate with ourselves? How many times have you told that you love yourself and how many times did you mean it? Have you told yourself that you’re beautiful?  Hyped about yourself for no reason? That it’s going to be okay, just stay strong!
You being the person you are, must have said this to your best friend a thousand times. You must have reached out to the girl you barely know, but did you ever reach out to yourself? So please, I beg you. Take the time out for yourself. This is the final and yet the most important step in the entire routine. You have got to express yourself before you leave in the morning, you have got to pump yourself up and tell yourself it’ll be okay; just 17 hours to go!

Depression is heart-breaking. What is more heart-breaking is that everyone around us goes through it so differently and it’s hard to recognize. It is better to reach out for help, then to wait till someone spends a decade climbing that wall you built around yourself and then help you. I know it sounds crazy but no one is going to help you the way you can help yourself. No one knows the pain you’re in; your parents see you struggling, your best friend is hurting because you smile a little less every day, your therapist has a very good idea of what you’re going through, your psychiatrist can see it in your test reports, your “lover” can only imagine the situation you’re in. But you my solider, are the one going through it firsthand!
So stiffen up that upper lip, and fight these demons within yourself. Know the better you and help yourself; you’ll see that you’re going to be unstoppable in front of anything and everything.

If you liked this article or it has helped you in any way, kindly share it. And, if it didn’t; who knows it might help someone else, so share regardless!!!



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